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1 Lonely Little Coffee

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1 is the loneliest number there will ever be. But seriously, every little helps. I appreciate this. If you buy this, you get a picture of me drinking that one coffee. Cause why not.
  • A picture of me drinking 1 cup of coffee

3 Coffees Sitting In My Room

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There were 3 coffees sitting in my room, 3 coffees sitting in my room, and should one become a patreon, they get a picture. Of me drinking 3 coffees in my room. - Basically, If you buy this, you get a picture of me drinking 3 cup of coffee. Cause why not.
  • A picture of me drinking 3 cups of coffee

5x Coffee for that Caffeine BOOOOOOOST!

per month
Really want to give me that extra boost. Than consider buying this tier and forcing me to drink 5x coffee. And plus, you get a picture of me drinking it. Cause why not.
  • A picture of me drinking 5 cups of coffee




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About StuxieDev

Hi there, My name is Leo but I go by the name StuxieDev online. I am a university student who is currently studying a full time degree. I develop a bunch of projects during my free time. This includes a Discord Bot that goes by the name RoboStux. RoboStux is a discord bot that is branded as The Robot That Does Everything In One. It was developed by me as I was sick of having to use Multiple Discord Bots to fulfil multiple features or having features locked behind payment walls and so I set out to develop a bot myself. I've already spent thousands of hours on it, as well as more than a thousand pounds by now. And the thing is, I am sadly not made of money and I don't want end up being forced to lock parts of the bot behind payment walls.

And so I setup this Patreon page so people that want to help and support my projects and work, can do so. 

In the future, I may add some more perks, but for now I am sticking with $1, $3 and $5 plans.

If you decide to support the development of RoboStux and/or any of my projects and work, than I thank you from the bottom of my heart! <3

$0 of $10 per month
When I get $10.00 per month, I will literally drink coffee and post pictures of it on everyone of my social media accounts. And I will make a YouTube video of me drinking Coffee
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