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For years I have created videos on a range of topics; politics, religion (and antireligion), gardening, current events, and philosophy. As an early arrival to Youtube, I have always disliked the concept of ad revenue, but being compensated for the rather massive amount of material I create is now a necessity. These extra funds will provide for better equipment, perhaps a better setup for content creation, and in the future, I hope, additional avenues for content creation altogether- perhaps live shows, and so forth. It will also ensure access to caffeine, which is very important for videomaking.

I create, on a typical day, between three and five videos and do this about 350 days a year. (Everyone gets sick once in a while!)

My videos and written works are unrepentant and eclectic- I do not censor my views and never will. In today's somewhat numb world, I believe my video content is of value to everyone.
$2,074 of $2,500 per month
This pays the bills in the most literal sense in an increasingly expensive world.
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