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About SubParButInHD

Hi there pals <3

Who are you and why should I care?

We're SubParButInHD: a ginger fella named Emile "Cole" Cole and lanky chap called Alex "Stumpy" Knight. For years we've been creating primarily Rocket League YouTube videos (earning millions of views like absolute heroes) and streaming on Twitch alongside our full time jobs. As of July 2018, we're both full-time content creators!

We're also on the telly, like, erry day! We host the wonderful Daily Download on GinxTV ( On it, we discuss the latest esports news and shout at each other.  

As you might've heard, YouTube went a bit absolutely insane and made it impossible to earn a living solely from their platform silly, and so Twitch became our main source of income. Our wonderful community has allowed us to take the plunge to full-timery - but we want to do MORE!!!

You already live off Twitch/YouTube/TV income, why do you need more?

Let me tell you why, weirdly defensive subheadings. As we create content largely centered around Rocket League, any time we play another game there's a certain amount of risk involved (potentially lower view counts and general engagement). With your support we can buy the latest games and play them carefree, not having to fret over lost income. This creative freedom will allow us to become fully-fledged VARIETY STREAMERS!!1!1!

Where the hell's my money going then? On videogames?

Again, subheading, please calm down. A proportion of any amount you decide to pledge would go towards games, yes, but it would also help us physically. It means we can upgrade our equipment / production value; attend more events (including shows outside the UK); and eat food occasionally instead of sucking dust out the carpet!


Your pledge allows us to produce better streams and videos; we can get on the new game hype train ASAP; we can attend events g l o b a l l y; and we can showcase the bestest, warmest parts of our creative minds without the constant unwelcome distraction of literal bankruptcy. 

Yours sincerely,

$188.41 of $200 per month
Regular YouTube content!
We've always focused on streaming, but our fans have clamored for regular YouTube content for years. It's finally time! We wanna play all the latest games, as soon as we possibly can, and upload that filth straight to the You-est of Tubes. 

Games are expensive though. So this money will go towards buying as many as we possibly can. Our editor will then chop up our gameplay, add a dash of our facecam and then export it all in glorious HD.
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