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Hey there, my name is Josie Kins! :)

I am somewhat well known within certain niche subcultures as the person who founded various websites such as, and also the very active subreddit known as r/replications.

After years of focusing on PsychonautWiki, I have been getting back to my roots and focusing purely on my dream of establishing the field of formalised hallucinogenic subjective effect documentation. In recent years, this has been under the banner of which as an online resource dedicated to this goal. It is the primary home of my proudest creation: the Subjective Effect Index, which is a set of articles designed to serve as a comprehensive catalogue and reference for the range of subjective effects that may occur under the influence of psychoactive substances and other psychonautic techniques.

The effects listed here are accompanied by detailed descriptions on the subjective experiences of them. They are written in a consistent and formal writing style that avoids the use of flowery metaphors or analogy; instead, they strive to use simple and accessible language. This is done with the hope that they will eventually serve as a universal terminology set that enables people to better communicate and share experiences that are, by nature, difficult to convey.
The Index is separated into 238 effects, which are organised into categories based on the senses they affect and their behaviour. Many of these are further broken down into levelling systems, subcomponents, and style variations that may occur across different substances. Detailed image, video, and audio replications have been included wherever possible to supplement text-based descriptions.

For some great examples, please see the following pages :)

Visual: Autonomous entity ⋅ Colour shifting ⋅ Drifting ⋅ Environmental patterning ⋅ External hallucination ⋅ Geometry ⋅ Internal hallucination ⋅ Symmetrical texture repetition ⋅ Tracers ⋅ Visual disconnection

Cognitive: Autonomous voice communication ⋅ Conceptual thinking ⋅ Delusion ⋅ Ego death ⋅ Memory suppression ⋅ Mindfulness ⋅ Personal bias suppression ⋅ Spirituality enhancement ⋅ Time distortion ⋅ Unity and interconnectedness

Miscellaneous: Auditory distortion ⋅ Auditory hallucination ⋅ Machinescapes ⋅ Physical euphoria ⋅ Scenarios and plots ⋅ Stimulation ⋅ Synaesthesia

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If this goal were achieved I would be able to partly support myself and therefore spend more time working on this project. I have devoted my life to this project and there is nothing else I would rather be doing. It would be a dream come true to be able to dedicate as much time to this project as possible. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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