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Hi it’s me Sudeesh Kottikkal, my vision, mission and passion is to bring to light the wonderful, beautiful, forgotten, unexplored, abandoned, lessor known and ruins of Ancient Indian Heritage, Architecture, monuments and places. Most of these places require written permission for filming. The challenges that i face as of now in covering these places is, the distance to be covered, along with the multiple visits to multiple authorities, that is to be made in order to get permission for filming. These Multiple and multi-directional distant visits have to be carried out only on weekdays, within government office working hours. This not only affects my work schedule but also causes a hole in my Pocket. For this i seek your support to fund me through Patreon to cover my expenses of these revisits.
If you find my videos interesting, please support me in this endeavor, to create awareness through my videos of our Great Ancient India, by funding this vision and mission. My area of exploration requires me to go repeatedly in search of places in unknown areas. Many a times I have to return back empty hand due to wrong information. Secondly after locating the place, the care taker or temple authorities do not permit to make video and tell to get written permission from the concerned authorities, located at various offices, at various locations. This running around from pillar to post for getting the permission of the authorities takes multiple visits. All this running around causes a lot of expenditure due to which I have had to abandon my effort half way many a times. I am unable to bear this repeated expenditure without outcome within a time frame, this is where i seek your support to fund these expenditures. Many of the viewers and subscribers have been requesting me to do these videos which I too want to do, but had to stop due to these constrains. In spite of all these challenges i have tried my best to do justice and the same has been highly appreciated by the viewers and subscribers. Many a time my viewers have mentioned as to, how they can help me in this endeavor. This is the possible solution I have found, to sustain creating the videos, showcasing our Heritage and history. By funding through Patreon you can join me in this mission and become an active part in creating awareness and saving Indian Heritage from going to ruins.

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