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Taste Tester

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There are two benefits for the $1 tier:
First, you'll have access to my patron feed.
This will primarily consist of a series of "Random Updates"; a series of vlog/update videos that are released occasionally.

Second, you'll be listed as a patron.
You'll be listed as a patron within the description of every video released while you're pledged. How... exciting!(?)

  • Patron-only content feed

Tastier Tester

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Add custom character to video intro.
Will add character to my video intros. No guarantee I'll use a video intro for every video. No guarantee your character will appear for more than a second. Quite frankly, this tier sucks. I rate it 3/10.

  • Nothing of any value whatsoever.

Tastiest Tester

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There are two benefits for the $20 tier:

Beta Access to Plugins
This tier will provide access to plugins during development for testing purposes. That is correct; you are literally paying to do work for me. This is just a straight up scam at this point.

Beta-Testing Discord Channel
You will also be added to the beta-testing discord channels if you're a member of my discord server. This is pretty much the same as the first benefit. Just separated into another one to help make it look like you're getting more than what you actually are. I rate it 0/10. Please no buy.

  • Feelings of sadness and regret.
Includes Discord benefits




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About SRDude

Greetings fellow human-beings, welcome to my Patreon page. If you're here, I imagine you're already aware of what I do, so I won't waste too much time reiterating on what I do. Long story short, I (occasionally) create RPG Maker related content on my YouTube channel. Sometimes it's tutorials; sometimes it's 'Let's Creates'; sometimes it's plugin tools.

This Patreon acts as a donation box. If you like what I create, consider dropping a couple bucks from time to time! I also provide rewards for certain donation tiers, but nothing incredibly fancy. Just a couple simple rewards to those that pledge.

Welp, that's enough for this text-blurb. I think you get the idea. Pledge! Or don't pledge! Does the quality of the writing here affect the chance of your pledgeability? Or am I typing away for no sake other than my own pride? Never stagnate, never brag to fate, never block the gate, and never be late.

Thanks for reading, I swear this isn't b8.

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