SumRndmDde are creating sum world conquest

Random Dude

$1 /mo
There are two benefits for the $1 tier:


First, you'll have access to my patron feed.
This will be a feed of stuff.


Super Dude

$5 /mo
Have early-access user to all of my Plugins.

I've more or less stopped making plugins, so this tier is kinda pointless. However, if I ever do plan to release another...


Mega Magician

$10 /mo
This tier literally provides nothing. Not even a sense of accomplishment.

With this tier in hand, you too can say you have accomplished nothing! <3



Cookie Pizza

$20 /mo
Get ********* Maker Beta

If I ever make a thing with "Maker" in the name, and you're a $20 patron at the time the beta for said thing is released, you will be given access...

Cookie Pizza, but better

$21 /mo
You get to pay an extra dollar 

Studies show if someone's willing to pay for something, and they have the option to make a major upgrade for about an addit...



$100 /mo
I will love you forever

This tier may not seem like much, but loving someone forever is a huge devotion. For the low, low price of $100, I will love you forever.