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About Summer Osborne

I remember sitting cross-legged on my white-wood, Ethan Allen canopy bed, looking out the window, contemplating the implications of war. I was drafting a letter to the President of the United States.
Even at six years old, my little eyes and impressionable heart could see and feel the struggle of humanity.

I was very observational - although at that time, my father would often worry that my head spent too much time in the clouds. My imagination was just too much for his analytical brain. And he was under the impression that I just didn’t pay attention.

To be sure, my imagination WAS impressive…
I told them I had magical powers. Because I could change the direction of the school bus windshield wipers with my brain.
I made elaborate radio shows on my cassette player with Meow Mix commercials. I’d play the jingle on my little keyboard and “meeeoooow!” for three minutes straight.
I also had this pervasive notion that if I were stick a pipe cleaner down my throat and into my lungs, it would scratch that itch I’d get when I was on the verge of getting bronchitis.
So yes… my dad worried about me.

But when my mother picked me up from my first day of first grade, and Mrs. Paige asked me to tell her what I’d learned in Science… I looked up at her and regurgitated, almost verbatim, the classroom textbook. And then asked her when we were going to start reading chapter books. Because I was bored in my reading circle.
It was then, and only then, they realized that I WAS listening. And I WAS paying attention.

I was the “Why?” kid.
I wondered… a LOT.
Sunday school teachers would go to my parents with the “You’ve got to stop her from asking so many questions” conversation.
But they never made me stop.

At some point, I started making connections between what I observed, and the thoughts that go with it.
Then I made connections between the thoughts, and how I felt.
And finally, started making connections between what I BELIEVED… and the results.

I was also blessed with the gift of music.
Because music is what people listen to.
All people… of all generations, ethnicity, backgrounds, and faiths.
And it’s the one thing I do that instantly connects me from heaven to earth.

This has culminated into a broad-based understanding zone… that is still growing and evolving.
Because I always reserve the right to change my mind, if my mind comes to a better understanding.
I am willing to grow.

Are you?

When you subscribe to my Patreon, you are contributing to a journey.
A journey without a destination.

You’re joining me on an adventure – and I have no idea where we’re going.
But I can promise you love.
And laughter.
And deep thought.
And tears… of joy, of empathy, and of realization.

I want to share my art with you.
I want to share my process.

Not only the process of songwriting… that is not the whole of who I am.

But also, the process of how we process.
The process of life itself.
How to love in the face of irritation and uncomfortable-ness.
How to grow, when it feels like we’re moving backwards.

How to practice the art of using your heart.

But please know… that there is no equation.
There is no formula or recipe.
It’s a quest… with no last stop.

And it’s full of questions, and color, and sound, and light.
There may be some answers. But each answer will come in a different form to each person.
There may be some road blocks. But each one an opportunity to seek alternate routes to discover multiple paths!

Do not underestimate your own ability to learn, and to teach, and to grow.

THAT is what I’m here to show you…

Your Own Light.

I love you,
Summer Osborne

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