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Hey guys, its me Blue from SummonersNetwork. Thank you so much for checking out my patreon! I really enjoy streaming and lping many different types of gaming content such as video games or roleplaying games and im glad that most of you seem to agree that I do it decently well. However some people dont seem to like the way that donations work on the streams and have asked for an alternative, this is where Patreon comes in.

Patreon members will be able to get exclusive content from me, what that is at the moment however is left up for debate haha. I honestly dont know what I could give you that you would want other than my gratitude that you believe in me enough that you are willing to make a monthly pledge to assist me. I guess as of now we will talk about what I can do for you if you decide to help me out at a later time.

Thank you all again for looking over this page and thinking about helping me out. Everything here will go to making my channel more stable and the content better than before. Thank you very much!
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Reaching this milestone of people saying that no matter what I do they will continue to support me will mean a lot. This takes care of a good chunk of my monthly bills. Or allows me a good number of commissions for in game original art for my rp's.
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