Sun And Moon Studios NC is creating a new way to look at Film and Production in North Carolina

$1 /mo
THIS is the primary amount that we are asking for from our Patrons.
Being able to chip in a dollar to keep our film business moving in North Carolina means everything to us!
We're dedicated t...

$5 /mo
The second tier of our lower contributions means you get access to all of the stuff in the above reward from our "Patron Only" posts, AND you'll get access to the monthly Press Release that tells y...

$10 /mo
The last of our lower tier gains access to all of the stuff above PLUS you get listed as a Fan Supporter in our future productions!
You'll see your name on the screen during our credits and so w...

$25 /mo
Our midrange tier of rewards starts here, and it gives everything above this level.
In addition to that, at this level of support, you also get a personal thank you video sent to you for support...

$50 /mo
Our other mid-range tier of support gives access to everything above, and you also get a limited edition T-shirt or Hoodie (Red, Black or White) featuring artwork from local NC artist William Wacll...

$100 /mo
Welcome to the Executive Producer Tier!
At this level of support, your commitment to helping us bring out multimedia productions in North Carolina is hitting levels of awesome that we can't even...

$250 /mo
Okay, big league.  We hear you.  You want MORE access, MORE goodie bag stuff, and MORE in general outta this deal. 
Well, we can do that.
You get access to everything above PLUS you get us t...

$500 /mo
Top Dawg Status.
You get everything above PLUS top billing in the credits as an Executive Producer.
You also get copied in on our Casting Calls, Filming Dates and Workshops, and you have entr...