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About Lisa Hunt-Wotton


Thank you for taking the time to check out my Patreon page.  I have been writing my blog Sunday Everyday for about four years now.  Sunday Everyday is a social justice platform and ideally I would like it to become a resource base for people researching topics that effect their lives.  

I have spent most of my life in church ministry.  7 years of that time I was on staff of a mega church of 11'000 in Melbourne Australia.  I became a little disenfranchised with the patriarchal and institutionalised 'system' of churches in general and the inability to have important conversations  about stuff that matters

The blog 'Sunday Everyday' allows me to write about social justice topics and ministry areas that I wouldn't have had the freedom to do in a staff role. I am also aware that for as many people that are members of religious communities there are twice as many who are either disenfranchised with the church or who are just too time poor to attend.  Who is connecting with them?

I write about issues that effect humanity and faith.  Issues that inform and educate to enable us all to minister effectively to the needs of a postmodern world.  Issues on theology, depression, sexuality, grief, social issues, addiction, art.  I interview people and tell their stories.  In general I speak honestly about things I'm passionate about, and it seems that many of you share the same thoughts.

By supporting me through Patreon, you will be able to tangibly partner with me as we continue to have important conversations about stuff that matters.  You will be contributing to created work that you enjoy and believe in, by pledging a monthly gift.  This enables me to research, interview and write about the topics that matter.

I would also appreciate your support through prayer.  It's going to take everyone of us to build a better community.


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I have been working on this blog for about 2 years without earning a wage.  My brilliant husband has been supporting us and paying all the start up costs.  However, for this to continue I need your help.  I have just become a 'Commonwealth Registered Celebrant' so that I can bring in some dollars for the family.   I don't charge for content on the blog but it costs just to keep it afloat.  These are the annual costs:   $399.00  WebPress.  Domain Name and site protiction renewals $149.00. Buffer which is a social media host:  $102.00 . Shutterstock $150.00.  Electricity, internet, etc....  a year.:  So this goal is to pay for those annual subscriptions and costs  just to stay on line. Total:  $1300.00
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