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Every so often, like 4-8 weeks, Ty does a creative project  and sends it out to his patrons.    It's generally a t-shirt, but also can be a poster, a sweatshirt, or other stuff.

This allows Ty to do a creative thing once in a while instead of always doings commercial art.   He wholly, from the bottom of his soul, appreciates your patronage.

These make great gifts!  It's not "What am I going to do with all these t-shirts" it's "Who am I going to give all these great shirts to."

Ty adds little extras and has fun sending the rewards out.

If you don't like the current design that's coming, there will be options:  Ty will be in touch with you to make sure you get something you like.

Someday, one of these rewards will be the Catharsis Manifesto artwork.

The price of shipping is included in the $25

Catharsis Manifesto
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A signed and numbered print of Ty's giant zen-exercise stream of consciousness drawing, when it's done  Watch the posts for updates on how it's going.  It's been a year in the working and might be another several months before it's done.   You can learn all about it here: https://www.sunnydaystshirts.com/bigdoodle/




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Ty loves creating hugely elaborate t-shirt designs and printing them in his little shop Sunny Days T-shirts, here in this beautiful New England village.  

Unfortunately the great majority of the work Ty has to do is simple commercial design that's not particularly fulfilling for an artist.

It's a regular problem for Ty to receive a t-shirt printing commission from say a painter, roofer, or electrician and then to create a hugely complex rococo illustration chock full of filigrees and fluer-di-lis, only to have the painter, roofer, or electrician come back with "Y'know, I was thinking something much, much simpler then this"

So Ty corrects it, makes a simpler design, prints the shirt, pays the bills, and daydreams about the fantastic art he yearns to do... and now gets to do, because of your Patreon subscription.  Thank you!  You'll get some fantastic t-shirts in the mail, soon.

P.S. Recently Ty has started drawing dogs, cats and other pets for people as a side gig.  Check out his pet portraits as well as his t-shirts and screenprinting!
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Ty's goal is to become a pen and ink genius.

Ty is not a pen and ink genius, but he's well on his way.  He's been drawing since he was a spring chicken... which he isn't, any more.

Ty *is* a stone cold expert screen-printing graphic design professional.  He got that way because screen-printing t-shirts is one of the last ways left for a normal guy to make money off drawing.

The problem is that most - almost all - the designs that come through a screen-printing shop are either commercial, or done with limited time/budget; they're not a high-end creative outlet, they're production art.

So the goal is to create artistic, creative and awesome t-shirts from time to time and send them off to his patrons here on Patreon.  The trick is to keep up high standards of artwork & design, and not fall into a habit of only designing what is necessary to get by.  Commercial art is necessary to run a successful screen-printing shop!  But the goal is to be a fine artist as well as a designer, and to never stagnate
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