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About Super Deadly Ham Attack

Hi everyone. Super Deadly Ham Attack here. I'm using Patreon basically as a tip jar; if you've enjoyed my stories over the years and want to throw some bread in my jar (not literally. That wouldn't even fit, silly), here you go - and thanks in advance; regardless if you want to contribute anything or if you're just a fan, I appreciate your time reading my stories.

As for what I write, it's erotic combat - usually pro-wrestling or boxing, but also streetfights, catfights, sexfights, etc. try to vary the tone a bit, so some stories are silly, or sweet, or dark, or personal and bitter. As for what they have in common, all of these fights always include combat, and always include sexual content - sometimes the winner getting the loser off to subdue them, or getting them off as a humiliation move or power play afterwords, or getting themselves off. In addition to this, all of them have three basic rules:

- No underage content - everyone's at least 18. (Fair amount of MILFs, too)
- Nobody's really getting hurt in these stories - whenever I ask my wife to read one over, she'll scroll down a few sentences into the fight and suggest I add "Then I went to the hospital to treat my concussion," but there's no permanent injuries in my work; I am for a kind of cartoon violence where someone can get punched a dozen times, take a few elbow drops and a piledriver and the only thing they'll have seriously injured is their pride. (That said, I am working on a deathfight series, but it's in virtual reality. Like you get into a memory lounger from Fallout 4, and it plugs directly into your mind, so you feel everything in VR, but of course you don't really die, you just wake up. Wow, this point is getting way long)
- Everyone is aware of the stakes - in other words, all the fighters in my story are giving consent to whatever happens to them if they lose; nobody's an unwilling participant, so you don't have to feel bad if someone loses a match after literally putting their ass on the line.

For what to expect from this Patreon - after thinking it over, I don't want to put anything on here that will require you paying to read a story, so there's only one reward tier ($1), and it only unlocks a small bonus feature: Regular looks at upcoming stories I'm working on. Of course, if you want to give more than $1, go for it! The more I'm earning on here, the more motivated I'll be, or at least the worse I'll feel when I set aside an evening to write and end up watching dumb YouTube videos instead.

Finally, here's where you can actually read the stories themselves:
My blog - everything should be posted here:
Male vs Female forum (almost everything should be posted here):
Free Catfight forum (only F/F stories posted here): - should also link right to my threads, although this forum shows them all on one page, so you can just scroll down and read everything. (And if anybody knows how to stop this forum from converting " into ?s, let me know)
Oh, and my books! Here's my Amazon author page:

I think that's it! If you want, you can get ahead of me here, comment on my blog, reply to or private message me on either one of the linked forums, or email me at superdeadlyhamattack (at)

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If I somehow hit this much a month, I can retire and work on writing full time.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 66 exclusive posts

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