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About Super Gaming Quiz Alpha Turbo

Super Gaming Quiz Alpha Turbo (SGQAT) is a monthly gaming trivia podcast, put together by Ben Bertoli and a few fellow freelance games journalists. Each episode features two contestants who must answer ten questions about the gaming series or system of their choice. We've already covered Mario, Mega Man, Final Fantasy, Assassin's Creed and more. Contestants attempt to get enough questions correct to win the coveted "Terrible Old Video Game". Some past terrible games won by contestants include Super Power Ball for the NES, Nsync: Get To the Show for GameBoy, and The Hustle: Detroit Streets for PSP.

All of our episodes can be streamed from iTunes or SoundCloud. Here's our most recent episode for your listening pleasure. 

By supporting this Patreon you will help cover the costs of hosting the podcast through SoundCloud, purchasing the terrible games, shipping prizes to contestants, and compensating our chiptune composer. All of these aspects help to make SGQAT a unique podcast that gamers and trivia buffs can enjoy.

Let us just reiterate that our episodes come out monthly, so whatever amount you pledge per episode is basically per month. 
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