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About Super Retro Throwback Reviews

Welcome to our Patreon Page, Thank you for checking us out. We are Super Retro Throwback Reviews, a weekly Podcast that talks about Movies, Music, Video Games and brings you complete Comic Con Coverage. What started out as an idea from a Broadcasting School Student's brain, became a Podcast that everyone is getting to know real fast.

Why Movies, Music and Video Games?
Well, Why not? We chose Movies, Music, and Video Games because we had more knowledge on it and we figured we could put that knowledge to good use and inform you.

Covering Comic Cons? Please Elaborate...
Comic Cons are a huge thing right now, and they are getting bigger and bigger. For the common hard working man/woman who can't make it to one of these is where we come in, we bring you our coverage from these conventions, So you can keep your job and not have to worry about missing a thing.

Why are you guys on Patreon?
Thats an easy question, A podcast is not cheap, neither is equipment. We created this page so we can bring you the best that we can offer you in hopes that we can upgrade our equipment. So your help and contribution is greatly appreciated. 

What's in it for me?
We knew you would ask that, well for contributing to our Patreon Page your reward will depend on your contribution. From a simple Thank You, to us saying Thank You live on a future episode, to possibly guest starring on a future episode with us. The Possibilities are endless, it all relies on your contribution.

So on behalf of Super Retro Throwback Reviews, We say Thank You for taking the time to check us out, your contribution will be a great help.
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When we reach 500 Patrons, We will start a weekly Vlog on our progress on our Podcast. 
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