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-Follow on Roblox (I follow you on Roblox)

-Special role and special perks on discord

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-Access to my VIP server on Jailbreak

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-You get to choose the game Super_TheGamer should play next and make a  YouTube video on the game you chose (Game should be in Roblox)

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Hey! Welcome to my Patreon page! You're probably here because you want to become a YouTube Member but may not be able to yet because it might not be available in your area. This is the solution!

Here on Patreon you can become a Patreon Member, which is basically the same thing as it is on YouTube except it's on Patreon instead of YouTube. The best part is, anyone can be a Patreon Member!

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when I reach the earning of $10 a month, l'll do a voice reveal!
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