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About Suraru

Hello! I'm Suraru!

Other names I go by are KombatWombat, Suraru Harlan, Emily, and the Autistic Loli (It's self-descriptive).

I create fan content for various communities, my most favorite being The Elder Scrolls and Halo, but I touch on Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Fallout, and plenty of other Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Post Apocalyptic genres.

The content I make has a wide variety, I don't have a trained artistic hand, but I am fairly decent at image editing, writing, video editing, with enough time, thought, research, and love put into them to hopefully be worth your time.

All earnings made here will support my living expenses, basic things like rent, groceries, bills, and healthcare. Anything extra will be donated to various causes that help research, treatment, or help for those with PTSD, Autism, Suicidal Depression, Homelessness, Unemployment, and anything remotely related to what I, and many others have and still are suffering with.

On occasion I delve into 18+ topics, but I'll keep that stuff off of Patreon. Stalk my twitter or reddit for those things. Otherwise, I'll try to post as much here as I can for free, with maybe a single in progress shot a month to justify the income.
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If I can reach $500 a month, I can keep my car and use it to maybe get a real job
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