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For those who want to show support but dont want to go overboard, your contribution is appreciated!.
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For those wanting to give a little more.

As thanks you gain access to the Discord Patreon exclusive channel where I upload WIP's and finished work before I upload it anywhere else, aswell as joining patreon only streams.

Further still, you will be given priority on commission slots as and when they open up as well as being able to post questions in the Ask-me channel on discord that may also feature a character of yours if the need applies!
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This is going above the average and for those who are really wanting to give a little extra.

Including all previous rewards, at this tier you get access to the Patreon Sketch Conveyor aswell as being allowed to upgrade stream sketches to flat coloured for £5.
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About Katie Whitford

Supporting me will go towards paying for rent, paying for new art equipment and help support my every day living. Any amount will help allow me to keep doing what i love and provide you lovely people with all the crazy, horrid and monstrous beasts i end up creating.

I want Patreon to serve as a way to encourage people to support me, but also be rewarded for doing so. Contrary to how other artists use Patreon, i will not be using this as a means to create a donation wall to hide my work behind and force people to donate if they want to see it, no. I want Patreon to be a -bonus- on top of everything people already get, i want people to see it as receiving more from me for helping me do what i love.

Streaming here: https://www.twitch.tv/surrealkatie


$380.42 of $450 per month
A stream animation! This would basically be an intro to every stream involving key characters of mine and would provide some thing alittle more professional for the community at the start of every stream...and well..I cant animate to save my life so getting some one else to do it would be the best bet.
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