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 -Patreon shout-outs at the end of videos 



About SuspiciousTumbleweed

Hi my name is Evelyne.  I work as a costume maker and I do work on props, armor, sewing, and wig work.  I upload tutorials and walk-throughs to YouTube and share my process over Twitch daily.  
I also run my website SuspiciousTumbleweed where I upload my past projects both personal and commissioned.  I also have a store there where I sell prints, merch and patterns. 
I personally don't believe in making my content exclusive to donors here on patreon.  If you pledge to this account you are supporting the work I put in to generate content for the community.
However as a bonus, as someone who is experienced in costuming and who has judged multiple masquerades I offer a post on your costume.  In the post I will show photos of your costume provided to me and I will discuss with the community what I love about the work and also provide constructive feedback.  Everyone will be able to see the work you put in and join in on this journey of learning the world of costuming together.