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is creating Solar, IoT and Climate Change Training in East Africa and India




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About Utsav and Subbu

Providing energy is more than just having electricity at home - it is about having basic dignity. 

Millions of sub-Saharan Africans and Indians face the same problem - lack of clean energy to go about their day. Lack of electricity to light lamps, run basic appliances and live a life of dignity. 

We are on a mission to provide training and create skilled students, professionals and government officials in East Africa and India to create businesses that solve these problems. 

To create markets that provide these solutions efficiently. 

To provide the right knowledge, working with our hands on the field - all with the aim of empowering people to live with dignity. 

We are two young professionals committed to working for a cleaner, brighter future - in India and East Africa - where climate change will hurt those least able to fight it.

Creating skilled labour for solar and newer industries is our way of making a difference.

Join us on this journey - not only because it's important, but because it matters. 

To you. To Us. To Humanity. 

In service of humanity and the planet.  
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Solar Ninja
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Fighting to provide clean energy.  
Solar Samurai
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Cutting away energy inequality.
Solar Cavalry
Limited (250 of 250 remaining)
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Rushing to give energy justice. 
$0 of $5,000 per creation
Mentoring 20 young entrepreneurs to create innovative energy access solutions in Rwanda.

2 Energy Experts visit from India to Rwanda to handhold entrepreneurs in every aspect of training.

Parallel technical sessions with emphasis on generation technology, electricity principles, transmission and distribution system.

Curated sessions with technical experts in Rwanda for 2 weeks. 

Total of 45 days of training in Rwanda.  
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