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At random, I'll thank you and dedicate a chapter to you when I post on FictionPress. Number of patrons will determine how many names appear with each chapter.

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Members of the House of Kanta will be able to either name or describe a physical attribute of a minor character in my next story. Once I start writing the story I will contact patrons to receive their contributions.

*Names and physical attributes may be combined into one character, depending on character demands of the story or my imagination.

** Minor characters will have a speaking role in the story, but will most likely not feature for more than a couple of chapters.




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About Nick Sutcliffe

Hello, I'm Nick Sutcliffe. I'm a fantasy writer from Canada who's just trying to find the time to write. Currently my day job takes a lot of my free time, and most of my energy, so that I have little of either to do what I love doing: exploring the worlds in my head and the stories that come with them. My debut novel, The Kanta Chronicles is now available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Chapters/Indigo, while some of my other writings can be found online at FictionPress under the username Sutty93. To give a quick overview of my style, I'd say I'm like Terry Goodkind filtered through J.K. Rowling and Kenneth Oppel, with a little George R.R. Martin thrown in for good measure. But by no means am I as good as any of them. I write fantasy because it allows me to live vicariously through my characters, and I believe fantasy gives me a certain carte blanche to have anything be possible (within the realm of the story). Please, read my works, leave your thoughts, and donate to help this (metaphorically) starving artist realize his true potential.
As a side note, all my donation tiers are named after people/places/titles in my works, so if you want to fully understand the reference you should read my works. Another note I should bring up is that my page is marked as having adult content being produced. In truth, I don't write scenes of graphic/explicit violence and/or sex. Of course my writing feature scenes of both but they are relatively tame compared to what other authors may write. For a comparison, imagine if Game of Thrones was produced by Disney, rather than HBO. The warning is basically me letting my patrons know that what I write might not align with your world views, but that shouldn't stop you from supporting me (or anyone else for that matter).
Finally, I'd like to invite everyone to visit my website for in depth looks at my works, pronunciation guides and the Write It Forward Event.
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Earning $600/month would go a long way in allowing me to cut back on hours at work so that I can write more. And that's ultimately my goal, being able to write full time.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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