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   Thanks for coming to my Patreon! There is always something going on with me, be it on this page or surrounding the walls of my always spinning mind. 
  I've been creating music or art or both since I was just a tiny sprout in this world, and I haven't stopped 'intentionally' since then.
  I've been blessed with a 'revolving door' of creativity. This isn't by choice, mind you! What IS my choice though, is to use it to the best of it's ability and for me, it's making others feel something. Whether it be with words, colors or cartoons!

  Many years ago I noticed I wasn't like everyone else. I only noticed, I didn't actually KNOW if this was true or not, after all, I didn't look funny or walk around the school yard with a helmet on to keep my thoughts from spilling out of my brain! I just knew that 'they' weren't seeing what 'I' was seeing and I couldn't figure out why so instead, I just tried to fit in with 'them' ... never did quite 'get that square in the round peg hole!'.
  So here I am today, many years after being a 'tiny sprout' in this world and realizing, this is rather unique! I'm certainly not like most people, but I am quite normal, for me.  For one, I see sound...this is kind of nice when it comes to creating things. Want the technical term for this? 'Synthesasia' (which still doesn't work in spell check) it means Two or More sense are blended, causing the person who has utilize both those senses at once. Some people 'taste shapes' some 'see sound' and others have it with numbers and letters (look it up, it's interesting!)  Since my 'sensory ABiLiTY (not disability) causes me to be Always visual and Always audio it leaks into every other aspect of my life as well.
  I do live acoustic shows right from my home studio. I do my art from my studio as well. The world is more or less a GIANT PALETTE of color and sound, and for the most part this is BRILLIANT for me, on the other hand it makes it difficult to be around other people. Sensory overload...too much noise, too much happening etc...
in other words
my senses are often on overload...
Instead of taking 'medicine' to slow my head down or 'take these things away' I use art, I use music and use these things to my best advantage.
  Before dedicating my entire life to art and music, I worked in Sales...but the noise of the office and all the people around was unbearable 'for me' ... so I walked out....6 years ago. 
  Following my passion is the hardest thing I've ever done because the results don't happen all at once, they happen one spill at a time, one color at a time, one sound at a time and one person at a time. For each of YOU that see me, or this post, or hear my song or see something I's another step in the right direction for me!
  I started this page several months ago and the fact that anyone contributed at all makes me SMiLE! It helps with the essentials, a sketch pad, some paint, some ink......the ideas, well those tend to come simply when I open my eyes and ears in this world.  It's going to be a LONG HAUL for me (at my age) to take up a career that I've never done or had an interest in...and become great at it...but to do my art and music, well...I've had lots of practice at this and I continue learning more!
  I collaborate with several other artists (music related) on various projects and I also collaborate with others by doing illustrations for books, commissioned pieces and when I can, I drop off some of my art at the Cancer Center near me, for those who are going through what I went's nice to have something to make ya smile, so my 'iNKiES' sometimes find their way into peoples worlds, in those unexpected places.
  It was just over a year ago that I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. It's completely gone, but to hear you have 'cancer' is prob the scariest 3 words one can ever hear. Being that I was the one who was being told I had it.....I never had a moment to cry or grieve or worry, it was straight into WHAT DO WE DO NEXT mode and soon enough, it was all over and done with....looking back it's almost as if it were the Longest Flu ever....hard to believe it's over.  It Put my head into Overdrive...and I've decided to dedicate as much time as I can into the Book I always wanted to write, the cartoons that I draw almost every day, the music I create.....I want to wedge all this into all kinds of peoples the corners of their minds and their souls. 
I want to
make people FEEL.
So what I create!
Become a Monthly contributor (keep in mind you can change your monthly contribution at ANY time) and you get Full access to my feed. Otherwise, only see what I post public.
I post high resolution images that I create for my patrons to use as 'wall paper' for all your devices or to download and just have for eye candy.
I have monthly drawings when the group is active and hopping about! and also an interactive place to connect. I welcome your feedback!
Contributors of $3 a month or more will benefit the most.
My page changes often as do 'rewards'....
So WELCOME to my site and THANKS for following and/or contributing!!!
$9 of $100 per month
When Monthly Pledges reach $100, I'll be getting some new sketch pads, ink, and watercolors. I will also be able to send rewards to your mailbox in nice padded envelopes (sometimes my inkies go crazy and require a padded room). I'd LOVE to pay my WEB GUY for all the hard work he does on (Graeme...that's his name, he knows who he is!) I'd also like to give more to Breast Cancer Research. Your monthly donations add up and I can help out a cause I believe in!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 16 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 16 exclusive posts

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