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is creating Environmental and Humanitarian Sailing the World Documentary
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About Sailing Sv IKIGAI

Hello and nice to (unofficially) meet you guys! :)
Captain Mike on Sv ikigai here and I'd like to first; Give my sincere thanks to ANY and ALL patrons. Whether it be word of mouth or out of pocket, I'm genuinely and truly grateful for your help.

I'd like to extend an invitation to- reach out and message me, Support, Or simply buy me a cold one when things get hot and heavy out on them seven seas.
To show my appreciation for helping me, help others, I will be picking a couple lucky sailors and/or supporters to join me on select legs throughout my 4 year world circumnavigation. WOOHOO!! Let’s go brothers and sisters!!

A little about me: I'm a medically retired Navy Corpsman Vet.
Having worked in; CardioPulmonary Respiratory Therapy, ACLS, M.A. Instructor, and Oral Surgery Tech. I resigned from working multiple 9-5's in the Respiratory field and Medical educating field at a college in San Diego, Ca. #Purpose

In 2017 I had a medical "scare" which was a spermatocele. Common diagnosis among men; Build up of seamen on the outside of the testy (sorry tmi) lol. Not being seen for 2 weeks and thinking this was Testicular cancer, well I suppose you could say this gave me tremendous perspective and realization. Having worked in fields which require the care of others, I decided to finally do something for myself. But, the catch is that this is NOT just for me. I aim to help others with the professional knowledge I posses and equally as important, help #Keepouroceansclean by doing my part and more!
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When we hit $500 a month, we'll start raffling names for people to come out for a leg of sailing.
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