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is creating 2D/3D transformations

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About Sven Reinold

Drawing and painting is a tedious and hard work. A lot of people don't realize that one image has a 10 hour session behind it.
Hi my name is Sven Reinold. My alias is ATDynaX. The ATDX symbol is on all my pictures. I have been drawing since 1995 and started digital work in 2013. Since 2014 i do also 3-D animation and I hope to become an animator. Since the beginning i was interested in transformations, how it would look like, when a human becomes an animal. 2001 was the year where my first dragon-tf appeared. Since then I wanted to make a comic about a boy with the ability to change into a dragon whenever he wants or when he gets angry. I developed a huge backstory and several side/main-characters that are going on an adventure with him.
I just lack the time to create this comic. If I could get at least 800€/month then I could make it full-time.
$166.16 of $181.59 per month
With that amount I can assure to have a more relaxed life and will be able to invest more time into my projects. 
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