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In this Tier, we will have One  "1 hour Live Class" on the First Sunday of every month at 4pm  "The Fundamentals of Root-working". We will have daily discussions on the basic principles of building different types of altars. We will discuss working principles that can be used to awaken clairvoyant skills as you communicate through you spiritual portals. We will cover collecting tools and items for your altar. We will also discuss various types of  altars and their functionalities using spiritual technology. We will cover the basic usages of the four elemental forces (earth, air, fire, and water) and explain their purposes in basic root-work construction. Daily Questions and Answers sessions via various forum discussions.

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About Swamp Wata Institute of Traditional Rootz

Welcome to Swamp Wata Institute of Traditional Rootz. We are strictly devoted to teaching everyone the spiritual technology of African American Rootworking through the context of applying cultural elements from our daily lives. Connecting with your Ancestors is the essence of your Spiritual Destiny. Nature Spirits are ever present among us and can be used to make healing medicines.

Learn how to tap into the internal forces of your ancestral collective by channeling various aspects of your bloodline to restore balance and spiritual powers in your life.

Our videos, classes, and conversations are centered around helping students activate the powers of spirit through conjuring higher intelligences that live through them. 

Our teachings are based on concepts and wisdom from the wonderful ancestral legacy that we share.

No spirit can be left behind with the wisdom of the ancestors that vibrate through our veins. We teach our students how to take their life back from depression, childhood trauma, and abuse through using techniques that I've personally developed to combat the energies of life that hold you down. Our rootwork focuses on transmuting the energies of pain into triumph. Join Swamp Wata Rootz and begin your ascension to greatness.

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