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About Swaps4

Hello, I'm Jake; I also go by the online alias with which you are more likely familiar, Swaps4. I've been running various moderately known projects since 2010, and I take joy in making content for other people to enjoy. I'm a subcontractor based in Japan!

For years it has brought me pleasure and satisfaction to bring you news, updates, and little bits of info-spreading a wide array of topics here in the online anime/Japanese pop culture metaverse. I’m proud to say I’ve hosted projects that have enjoyed success I could not have imagined, such as Haruhichan, various browser plugins, game servers, and more, which has pushed me forward in life and helped me work with various companies in the anime industry, which I truly love doing, and for that I am truly grateful, not only to those whom I work/worked with, but all of you follow me and encourage me to do my best. It means a lot, I may not display it often due to being slightly tsundere, but it's little things like this that keep me going.

It comes after much deliberation, as well as going through many ups and downs that I have decided to broaden the scope of my Patreon to reflect not only the projects I work on, but myself as an entity, constantly committed to bringing you the best in coverage, and community relations.

Though your support does help, I still pay for server coverage out of pocket, and most of my travel and side projects are self-funded. While I’m more than happy to bring myself to this point, I would benefit from the pitching in to help cover these expenses. You can easily do so if you also happen to use Amazon by just using my affiliate links which helps me each time: United StatesUnited KingdomGermanyFranceItalySpain

What I offer in return is to continue excelling in my outreach, document my travels, including my upcoming future trips, and continue the social relations with you all I have worked so hard to foster. Whether it’s tuning in to Discord to hear my British voice or chilling to some of my streams, you’ll be given priority access and content. Moreover, you’re granted access to exclusive giveaways and content that will only be offered to those participating in said streams/chats. Any and all level of support is welcome – no tiers and no tears.

Cheers everyone and I hope you can help support me through my journey through to the next level!
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