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Hi! I'm Sarah. I'm a voice actor, writer, director, and producer for The Nuclear Solution as well as several other audio projects! These projects include:
- Barbara WalkerThe Nuclear Solution, fiction podcast
- LaurenHometown, fiction podcast
- DefendantWindfall, science fiction podcast
- Red: Let The Old Wives Tell It, storytelling/fiction podcast
RileyCaalo Xan (Season 4 in production), science fiction podcast
- Sarah Jane Smith, The Final Game (in production), Doctor Who podcast
- Kallista: Dice Fiends, D&D podcast
- Sarah Jane Smith: The Final Game, Doctor Who podcast
- Female goblins: Skyrim mod, video game
- Officer Gloria MackFallout 3 mod, video game

I also make a DIY soapmaking podcast called The Soap Opera! You can listen to it here, or support the Patreon page for that show here.

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Want to know a bit more about me? You can check out my website or follow me on Twitter or Instagram. Want to make a one-time donation instead? You can buy me a ko-fi!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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