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In 2019, I had some copies printed of the old version of the comic - pledging means you'll get one!

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Physical copy!Special Offer • 32 days left
In 2019, I had some copies printed of the old version of the comic - pledging means you'll get one!




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About Swift Spark and the Defense Five

Hi there! I'm Pan-Tastique, head of the development team on Swift Spark and the Defense Five. Welcome to our Patreon page!

Who am I? - I'm a nineteen-year-old trans guy with a passion for animation. I've created a handful of "viral" animations, and do have to admit I regret making them. I am completely self-taught, but I've applied to art school this year and hope to get accepted!
Nowadays I'm most passionate about my own content, specifically Swift Spark and the Defense Five. You probably haven't heard of it yet, but feel free to check out the first teaser trailer!

As of right now, Swift Spark and the Defense Five is my primary focus career-wise. I intend to make this show a thing, and this entire Patreon is dedicated to making that happen!
Of course, eventually it'll happen, no matter how - I'll animate the entire damn thing on my own, if I have to - and then what? I have some other projects waiting in line, but the Spark is our focus as of now. So... more talk about those new project in the future ;)

But what is Swift Spark and the Defense Five? And how does funding this Patreon help make it happen?

Based on the webcomic of the same name, Swift Spark and the Defense Five follows the adventures of sixteen-year-old James Riverdale as he treads into the footsteps of his superhero father. Together with his friends, he is on a mission to find out what really happened to the Red Spark, who disappeared without a trace years earlier – as well a s stop VIPER Inc., a corporation dedicated to creating supervillains to do their bidding. James has to learn what it means to be a superhero, as well as balance the life of an ordinary high school boy with the responsibilities of his secret identity.

This series started out as a webcomic in 2016, so it's had some development behind it. But, admittedly, the pilot's still in its baby stages!
I want to hire the best of the best to help me create a TV-worthy pilot. And then, who knows? 

So... Why Patreon, and WHAT Patreon?
WHY do we need this Patreon?
Let's face it, I am not (yet) a professional animator. Just a very passionate guy about to enter his twenties. I've been teaching myself animation since I was 14, but there's a lot left to learn!
In just a few weeks, I know I'll be going to art school or not. But more on that in the next question!

Animation isn't free, and YouTube ad revenue isn't what it's barked up to be. That's why Patreon helps with the following:
-Providing a guaranteed, stable income. 
-Buying programs/technology; think of animation programs, drawing tablets (my old Cintiq is at the end of its life, I'm afraid), drawing programs and the like;
-Paying any artists hired better, and higher rates (!that they deserve!) and help speed up production!
-Voice actors (the longer the project, the more lines, and the more they need to be compensated for their time!);
-My rent and living expenses, if I plan on throwing myself at this full-time;
-Potential merch, such as plushies, pins, and other fun things! But that's for later.

Pledging is absolutely not an obligation, but it really does help me produce all this work for you guys- and all that for free! I don't ever want to stop producing animation, until my hands literally can't hold a pencil anymore at least, and I want my projects to get better and better! So every little bit helps if you can!

Love you all!

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The Patreon train is a'movin! This will get the Patreon going in full gear, with all tiers and perks active. Expect monthly art and weekly streams, baby!
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