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    If you could donate $5 when applicable, such would be appreciative beyond description -- I'll respond to you regularly (if requested), and talk about important aspects of my work for this monthly subscription. 

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       This goal is for appreciation via -- subscription based work.  I pour all of my time into sharing my literary skills for those of whom it may affect -- how it affects you, is decided by you.  This is a subscription to what is called "Literary Medicine."  In addition, you'll have the ability to see new biohacking inceptions, of which are innovative (even beyond the scope of major Silicon-Valley based conglomerates), and every dollar contributed goes towards helping me fund my work to better the world in ways unimaginable.   You get access to special passwords necessary for accessing my longer, more comprehensive works.

      You'll receive a chance to be drawed for a free copy of my upcoming book, and will also be granted one customized poem of your choosing, per year.




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        About T3TInnovations

        T3T Innovations is a research company, working hard to ascertain the truth of things for those with willing eyes and ears. We are constantly working towards the curing of complex diseases and disorders, furthering universalistic peace and security, with the grandiose goal of bettering all of humankind, technologically, intellectually and ethically. However, as of now, without substantiated financial backing, T3TInnovations is simply a theoretical science conglomerate, and a literary medicine, for those of whom crave dark, abstract and esoteric poetry, discussion and idealism.

        We are here to usher into this fallen world, a new age of technology…
        We are not an elitist and corporate owned giant, and QMI T3TInnovations, is funded solely by Jacob A. Eder, DSc, as DARPA will not give grants out to sole-proprietorship scientists, of whom haven’t ‘teams.’ Under “The Innovations” section of the website, you will find links to published academic papers, as well opensource access to my years of biohacking efforts, for the saken effect, or hope, of someone, such as NeuraLink’s Elon Musk, or IBM, to find and utilise my advanced approaches to mechanising and computationally accessing, and accessing mammalian nervous systems, for the betterment of all the world. I am not about money, fame or status…this is all about coming together to produce revolutionary methods and schools of thought for humankind’s advancement and survival.

        As of this moment, Quantum Mastery, Industries, T3TInnovations, is a sole proprietorship, created by yours truly (Jacob A. Eder)., a graduate student, finishing his MSC at Berkeley, in Neuropsychology, with aspirations for earning a DSc, in Neuropsychology, with emphasis on Pediatric Neuropsychiatry, and although the last few years have been especially difficult, I continue, and will begin medical residency in January, 2021, at Mayo Clinic, in Rochester, MN, and specialist training at John Hopkins University. Neuropsychology, with emphasis on cognitive function., esp. memory.
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        This goal is for fully supporting living expenses, paying domain fees, cloud-storage updating, and more time to write and work on personal projects (including literary works such as poetry and philosophical enquiries) as well as more time dedicated towards my biohacking goals.  Being a full-time student workings towards his Dr.Sc., in Ethology, it is hard to find time to balance academics, work and passion..., if I could be paid for my passions, then I can more impassionately pursue them!
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