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I understand, we can't ALL be fancy dandies and donate two whole American dollars per month. But you know what? That's okay. In fact, it's better than okay! You are helping fund a critically-panned research institution despite being in a situation where you probably should get a taco with this money instead. And I'm not just saying that because I'm going to get a taco with the dollar you give me. Thank you for the taco, you kind and generous soul.
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It's fairly stereotypical at this point but my gratitude. Every dollar helps keep this underappreciated research institution going, and I do appreciate it.
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I will write an entry on a non-bird animal of your choice. I mean like I don't technically have data to work with but I know for a fact (don't ask how) the alarms are broken at the other Academies of Animal Science so I feel pretty confident on this.

!PLUS! You will get a hand-written physical copy sent in the mail, with a bit of ~extra info~ not in the regular post.




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I have been left completely alone in The Academy of Bird Sciences for months now. My boss has vanished and all of the other interns appear to have quit (though that's a bit of a philosophical argument because honestly how can you quit something you never wanted nor were paid to perform in the first place?). If the Field Research teams are still working, they've long since stopped actually reporting in and I am incapable of trawling through all of the pubs, taverns, speakeasies, drinking establishments, and opium dens they are known to frequent to badger them for their notes without funding. I want to keep this place running, but it has become painfully clear that I cannot do this on my own.

So, I've started a Patreon account. Please help me keep The Academy of Bird Sciences afloat. Your contribution helps me collate data that has long been suppressed by Big Bird*, and allows me to release regular reports onto the internet without fear of censorship. Every dollar helps.

*I must make clear is in no way associated with the character of the same name copyright Sesame Workshop, I am referring instead to the shadowy cabal of 'Legitimate' ornithological research institutions who control most aspects of birding
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The Impossible Dream: Officially minimum wage!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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