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Welcome to TAMI!
Tel Aviv Makers hackerspace , or TAMI hosts a group of people with similar interests that like to think, teach and create.
It is also a physical space where hackers and anyone else from the community can come to do projects, participate or make up their own making or hacking workshops, seek collaborations and generally - let the imagination loose and pursue some dreams!
We are interested in anything technological, crafty, arty or the combination of all of those. Interests among frequent visitors include: computers, electronics, amateur carpentry, metal working, cooking, DIY biology, composite materials, energy, plants, 3-d printing and more.
There is a lot going on at TAMI, check out upcoming events here.

Come and visit us at Kibbutz Galuyot 45, Studio 106 (3rd Floor), Tel Aviv

A little bit more about us and our goals:

TAMI’s major goal is to provide education and enable technological and art-based making, creativity, invention and entrepreneurship in the community. We identify ourselves with the global hackerspace movement and the pillars of our ideology are :

Do | Share | Give | Learn | Tool Up | Play | Participate | Support | Change

In this spirit we operate as a non-profit organization, seek social justice, equality of opportunities, empowerment and enabling for making and education for making to anyone out there.

Another goal is to operate the physical space that provides a safe and secure environment to make or participate in the making for every curious soul, including disenfranchised populations such as immigrants and youth at risk - without the requirement for making a financial commitment.

This is where the community has the opportunity to be exposed to experts, makers, hackers, artists and artisans who frequent the place.
Furthermore, there's a wide selection of unique tools that most individuals can't find anywhere else, let alone be able to afford (see for example our video on the Lathe).

Accordingly, an additional goal is to attract hackers, makers, entrepreneurs, artists, artisans and activists from the local and international scene in order to create activities in the spirit of the place, and in order to become a center of knowledge and doing.

The types of activities in art, science, technology, environment and philosophy include workshops, tutorship and personal guidance, lessons, talks and cultural events.

Particular area of focus supported by the physical facilities and activities in TAMI are in computing, communication and general empowerment for technological literacy and elimination of the “digital divide” in society.

As noted, TAMI is fueled by volunteering and donations and is a non-salary NGO.
Here’s how we are pursuing directions to increase donations and reducing costs:

Costs: The monthly expenses are roughly 13,000NIS (~ 3500USD / 3200 EUR) with 87% going to rent and property tax. See below for details and how we’re trying to be more efficient.

Income: The regular donations sum to about 5000NIS/month. The rest is from occasional donations, visitors and workshop attendees. This means that if we want to rely on regular income we are currently missing 8,000 NIS, or $2200 per month.
We’ve started this very Patreon campaign in order to create steady income.

We’re currently putting efforts into marketing, creating and improving the management of workshops, talks and activities in the spirit of the hackerspace.
Coming soon! Stay tuned for TAMI SHOP on Patreon where you can follow and purchase a donor’s ticket for such events.

Cost breakdown, average monthly:

  • Municipality “rates” tax - We’ve recently submitted a request to be recognized as a “Volunteers NGO in Service of the Public” which can grant 33% -67% exemption on the tax.

  • Rent - We’re working towards become a “tax deductible” NGO which may convince our landlord to donate the rent, or find a property designated for donation.

  • Beuro/Accounts - We’re asking people to donate through bank transfers where possible for lower commission fees than paypal.
  • Electricity - We installed Start-stop timers on energy guzzling devices such as soldiers. Furthermore we’ve installed an experimental energy saving Air Handling Unit by a startup called ThermoTerra (whose founders are active in TAMI).
$15 of $2,200 per creation
This is the amount missing to maintain the place solely through regular income.
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