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About VengenceARTs LLC

                                           About us
Hi, we're VengenceARTs LLC. We're a multimedia company with one current goal in mind: to make modern cartoons more unique and less "samey". Cartoons nowadays can feel like they blend together.

Our founder wants to change that. He wants to create cartoons that aren't the same thing. The series is going to be like nothing you've seen before. It will encourage for better series to be in the future. It will not fall in line with modern cartoons that bend the knee and let the company walk over them.


Short Story
Follow Maxine (a girl with a twisted past )And Jake (a boy who feels like he's all alone ) on wild adventures across reality while searching for the dark truth of their existence and an ever-growing evil that's the only goal is unclear and is not of their reality.

Long Story

The Story begins in a 3d reality called Prime Reality in the year 3143 AD on the surface of Venus.

23 years has passed since the conflict between the operator and Robert 1021 ("a Constructor bot tasked with building the mysterious Eden dome"). At the tower simply known as the Orbiters Station ("a building which holds the Providence Portal which purpose is unknown is a gateway to artificial reality") Operator Maxwell is finished with using the station and puts it into a power save mode.
From here on out we follow our main characters, Maxine and Jake in the mysterious reality known as Providence on their journey of self discovery and their roles in the world that they reside in. Both have mysterious and dark truths and to be the best they can be they will venture to the further reaches of space to one day be remembered as heroes. Along the way they will meet past acquaintances and friends but soon or later their true mission will be laid out for them and that's to discover the truth and to save there reality from a evil force that is truly unlike anything that has ever existed before...

What our Cartoon Features:

**A Original Story featuring many trope Breaking elements which makes it to be one of the most original stories to in 15 years**

**Cartoon is aimed at early teens and young adults, this allows for maximum storytelling. No more nonsense!**

**Featuring 24 episodes which are 23 minutes long and 21 specials shorts which are 15 minutes long**

**Cartoon is to be pitched to Netflix, and many other platforms**

**Cartoons Genre is Scfi/Horror/Adventure**

**Art is inspired by the likes of Ben 10 original and Iron Giant**

The Galaxy Team

Maxine Mills 

Fueled with curiosity this young girl will observe the world around her and carefully study the world around her before making her move to interact with the environment. Though she possesses memories of her parents, only to recall one day where they simply vanished, she expresses an unphased disconnection from the matter in favor of interacting with those in her presence.


Jake Foster


Crushed by the fire that took away his parents from an early age, this young man struggles to adapt with the new family that takes both him and his siblings under their wing. Despite many attempts to bond with his new parents, he constantly finds himself abandoned by his consistently absent foster dad, and disconnected foster mother. While he initially makes an attempt to bond with the new mother, the two often clash in their views of proper behavior, and ideals. Though he can relate better with the father, the constant overseas deployment drives him into a state of despair. With little to no outlets for him to bond with, the young man will often retreat into his comics and metal music for recreation.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------Brandon Dale


Fueled with the inspiration of science fiction comics, movies, and television shows, this young man sets out to discover the undiscovered. Through his experience with communication and detection technologies he crafts a number of instruments to aid with his search for the unknown.



Born into the hierarchy of the OVSM, this young girl idolizes her father as a pure role model, holding his words as unquestionable doctrine. Forged from the highest discipline and academic institutions this side of the galaxy has to offer, she sets forth to carry out the will of her father, the President of OVSM.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------Braxton Dalton


Raised from a financially limited family, this young man has learned through experience to place his priorities where they suit him best. Successfully evading the temptations of mischievous behavior in pursuit of more productive hobbies, he will work to secure a future of peace and prosperity.


Why you should support us" 


Cartoons are not the same as they once were. They not only take ideas from each other, but some even share similar plots that turn them into something of a trope-y mess. We are here to combat it, our cartoon was specifically designed to be unique from the rest. Our lead has watched hours upon hours of cartoons from all places under the sun to make sure of this.


At this moment, whatever payment to staff is done out of his own pocket on a commission basis. This is only able to be done right now because he is working three jobs on top of working on this series tirelessly in whatever moment of free time he has. With your help funding this project, you'll help us hire professional animators, pay staff, provide software needed to keep all artists, storyboarders, animatic makers, and other crew on the same level.


This project is a passion project of one man who has, for years worked tirelessly to make this a reality. If this project is done properly, his goal to reinovate cartoons may just come to fruition.


Obviously with investments there are risks. For one, we are a pretty new studio who hasn't had anything under our belts, but we can promise to win over your trust if you give us a chance.


Not everyone has money just lining their pockets. But, no doubt you all probably have social media, so just sharing this campaign works wonders!

Heres our website If you want to learn more about us:

Prepare For The Ultimate Adventure :TAOMAJ Project
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We need money to support getting an official studio space and paying our hard workers, let's reach this awesome goal together!
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