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TBC's Eternal Gratitude + Patron-only Posts!

$1 /mo
Every dollar counts! With my current Facebook following alone, If even 11% of my current fanbase donated only 1 dollar a month, I would literally be able to smash every monetary go...

(PSG, PS, PSL) Call-out in the Credits!

$3 /mo
Be immortalized by having your name in the credits!

  • You can choose what name you'd like to have, be it your real name, or your handle for an online presence! or give a shou...

(General) Super Fan (Special Video Access)!

$5 /mo
You are awesome and thank you for your support! In a way of said thanks, you will get access to special livestreams of Testopia playthroughs, and videos that are not released to the public, or acce...

(PSG) Become an NPC!

$6 /mo
Be literally in the game by becoming an NPC!
  • Pick where you want your NPC to be.
  • Choose their name!
  • Decide what they will say!


(PSG) Early-Adopter Testopia Access!

$10 /mo
Access to Testopia as described in the $15 tier, but for a limited amount of slots at $10.

(PSG, PS, PSL) Access to Testopia Releases!

$15 /mo
Get monthly releases of Testopia, the sample video game and testing grounds of new features for the main game! Testopia has a silly nonsensical story, made by KvaGram with help from TBC, and is the...

(PSG, PS, PSL) Design a Special NPC!

$40 /mo
Want to have a detailed quest with your NPC? Or have a house for them?
  • You can choose to be a good guy or bad guy, within reasonable scope.
  • Write their dialogue
  • Desi...

Design Documents, Team Chat, and Create a Character!

$50 /mo
You will be involved in our private slack chat discussions on the development of the game, as well as access to Quip to see the game design documents, to give direct feedback and ideas.