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Quite frankly the level of spiffyness you possess is incredible (and everyone will know when you get credited in our videos as a producer!)

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Ha! You leave the rabble behind with your awesomeness, they can only watch in envy as you not only get video credit BUT ALSO an exclusive sticker set including the super sexy TEG PS4 light bar decal.* (Sent to the address of your choice. *decal numbers are limited to first 0 patreons.)

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Includes all previous benefits and you'll  be invited to join our  patreon play sessions where we'll play something with you! You may even end up in one of our videos (if you're happy with that)




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About TEG UK

Here at the Essential Gamer UK, we're trying to deliver everything you expect from any gaming outlet, just differently. 

From lets plays to cinematic series, editorials to reviews, triple AAA releases to undiscovered gems, we hope to break away from Fortshite streamers and give viewers something to laugh at. Even if thats us.
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Our first target is a laptop for our editor (who currently fights with his PS4 to edit 90% of our videos)

a fully capable laptop will allow access to full editing programmes and improve the overall quality of our content for everyone!
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