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About The Treatment-Free Beekeepers

I have been a treatment-free beekeeper since 2003.  In those years I have gathered a lot of information and gained invaluable experience in how to keep bees treatment-free.  Furthermore, I have seen how conventional beekeeping practices are damaging to the bee population and how new beekeepers are often pressured into keeping bees in conventional ways. 

The Treatment-Free Beekeepers Facebook Group is a project I started as a protected space for treatment-free beekeepers to gather and discuss methods for beekeeping as well as successes and failures, all within a space where they will never be criticized or berated for their choice not to dump pesticides into their hives.  It is the only such space on the internet that I am aware of, and has become wildly popular.  When I started it, I expected a couple hundred members who would have lots of fun but limited reach.  Now it has over 32,000 members and is the third largest beekeeping group on Facebook.  But because it is so large, it requires a lot of time and energy to maintain and moderate.  Your patronage will support the continued availability and high quality of this group.

I started the Treatment-Free Beekeeping Podcast to help provide information for beekeepers who wish to keep bees in less artificial and medicated ways and to promote treatment-free beekeeping as the only sustainable way to keep the bees healthy and productive for the long term.  Our pollinators support the production of so much of our food, it's important that we support their long term well-being.  On the Treatment-Free Beekeeping Podcast, I interview interesting beekeepers with experience in answering questions many new beekeepers have, and I interview new beekeepers with questions many have but might be too timid to ask.  Many people have found the podcast a valuable resource in helping them understand hive dynamics, beekeeping practices, and the natural world.  By becoming a patron, you are assuring that this flow of information continues to provide the help so many beekeepers need.  Your support will be used to pay for recording equipment, website and podcast file hosting, as well as costs to communicate with guests from around the world. 

The Treatment-Free Beekeeping Forum is provided for beekeepers who may not like Facebook or like the format and style of a web-based forum.  It continues to grow and needs watching and watering.  Your support will also pay for web hosting fees and high speed access for users.

My website is something I've put together to show people who are curious exactly how treatment free beekeeping can be done.  It includes many examples of how to build equipment, queen breeding tutorials, methods to follow, and opinions about what things one should do or avoid doing.  I also maintain a map of treatment free bee and equipment suppliers for the benefit of everyone looking for such things.  Your support will help with website hosting fees and the continuous updates that I do.

I thank you so much for helping me promote treatment-free beekeeping which promotes the integral health and well being of honeybee populations which in turn bring so many benefits to the natural world that surrounds us.  Your support brings this information and education to the world on a continuing basis.
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