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Throwing a coin in the fountain
per month
You take a coin, make a wish and throw it into the fountain.

(Your wish is to support me and my videos and that´s defenitly going to happen :) )

A handful of coins
per month
You take a handful of coins, make a couple wishes and throw them into the fountain.

(Thank you so much :) )

Emptying your pockets full of coins
per month
You take all the coins you had in your pocket and throw them into the water... Maybe you like the splash sound they make? I don´t know :D




Hello there and welcome to my Patreon Page. I´m a student of Media Science in Germany and i´m all about learning on how to make videos and films. I try to create funny, clever (or maybe other types of) videos, that i upload to my YouTube Channel. If you want to help me by donating a buck or two, you are very welcome to do so :)
I´m not sure yet what i can offer in exchange, but i´ll figure something out as i progress.
Until then, enjoy yourself and cheers :D
- Marc