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is creating a business incubator and women's collective.
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About The Well

Women, specifically women of color, are the fastest growing segment of new business ownership. Unfortunately, they are also the group that receives the least funding for their endeavors. THE WELL’s mission is to build a space that fosters dreams, creates community, and provides mentorship, which enables women of color to turn their ideas into economic power and ultimately freedom. Statistics show that when traditionally underrepresented segments of the community are empowered, the entire community benefits. There is a need for women of color to see themselves represented fully in common spaces, in business, and in the community. There is a need for THE WELL. Help us #FillTheWell by supporting us through our giving tiers. If you don't see a benefit that appeals to you, let us know.

Are you passionate about stimulating local economies, helping women empower themselves, and creating spaces made for underserved entrepreneurs? Then please help us by joining our campaign to #FillTheWell.

We are a 501c3.  All donations are tax deductible

$36 of $2,000 per month
Our first goal is bring in $2000 a month.  This will allow us to fund the first stage of our membership. Each new member will be featured on this site only! Fill THE WELL and get to know the women who will be empowering themselves growing the Howard County economy.
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