TIK is creating Historical WW2 Documentaries on YouTube

Division Level

$1 /mo
One dollar per month will go a long way to increase the quality of my videos with the benefit that you'll receive more in-depth and more accurate history videos than ever before. Thank you for your...

Corps Level

$5 /mo
Do you want my opinion on something? Or are looking for answers to questions related to video making, script writing or WW2 battles I've covered or going to cover?

At this tier you'll be abl...

Army Level

$10 /mo
At this level I will provide you with download links to the maps I've created for my videos, as well as provide you with access to video tutorials showing you how I make them so you can learn ...

Chief of the General Staff Level

$50 /mo
I will dedicate a future BATTLESTORM video to you on a WW2 battle of your choice and will prioritise this video*.

*Depending on the size of the battle it could take a few weeks to sever...