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Chip in just one dollar, and you'll gain access to my Patreon Feed. Here, I'll occasionally post screenshots and small WIPs of stuff I'm currently working on, along with progress on how said projects are coming along. You'll also gain access to our new Discord server. 

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Moving on up, are we? Pledge this much, and you'll get a credit at the end of my next Gmod/SFM animation, along with everyone else who pledged five dollars or more.
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Bless your soul. Pledge ten dollars, and you'll get all of the previous rewards, and I will make you a poster of any characters from Team Fortress or My Little Pony doing whatever you want (safe for work.) Obviously, you will have had to have paid first before you request anything.
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I'm just a strange dude on the Internet who makes animations in both Garry's Mod and Source Filmmaker, usually with content from both Team Fortress 2 and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic with several other bits and bobs sprinkled through it. Though, if you've followed my YouTube, you might know me as the creator of the "Elements of Insanity."

I'm just setting this little thing up because people seem to be okay with it; that, and I've wanted to make a living doing what I love doing; animating and entertaining. If you choose to pledge to me, I'll be sure to make it totally worth your while, because I care for my fanbase. 
$350 - reached! per month
Now we're getting somewhere.
With this amount per month, I can invest in more VAs to help speed video production up further, as well as even more software to aid in editing.
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