Take It With You is creating live radio theatre & podcasts from Duluth, MN.

$1 /creation
Digital high five! You gain access to the patron-only activity feed.

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Real life high five! When we see you or meet you, expect the best high five of your life. You are making our dreams come true!
Plus all lower-level rewards.

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Our hearts are melty! We will add your name to a special Patron Thank You page on the Take It With You website. Plus all lower-level rewards.

$10 /creation
You're a Super Patron! We'll let the world know by thanking you, by name, on an upcoming podcast. Plus all lower-level rewards.

$20 /creation
Gosh almighty! You will receive a link to our Season Three 8 song EP. A creation of one song from each episode! Plus all lower-level rewards.

$100 /creation
Holy tater tot hotdish Batman! You will receive our Season Three 8 song EP with custom album art by Sarah Lueck AND 1 cover song of your choosing by Blake Thomas! Plus all lower-level rewards.