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About Fhoenyx, Host of the TMV Podcast

Hi! My name is fhoenyx and I am the host of a weekly Vainglory podcast called The Main Vain Podcast.  This podcast aims to highlight amateur competitive players and gameplay (mainly pulling from The Main Vain guild) as well as professional level players that we like to follow.  Each week, I bring on 1-3 fellow Vainglory players and get to know them and their gameplay a little better.  Shows around updates will focus on sneak peeks and official releases while others will focus on TMV events as well as providing resources to make listeners better players.

I started this podcast because I love talking about the game and really enjoy spreading that passion. As the podcast is still new, it is a work in progress.  Currently, shows follow a basic agenda of getting to know the guests, their favorite heroes and playstyles, and then their thoughts on what is new in the game.  I am currently developing new segments for the podcast as well as learning the ins and outs of content creation.

Initially, all support will go directly back into the podcast: website hosting fees, microphone, editing software, etc.  If this grows large enough, I would really love to also be able to do contests, give-aways, and donations to charity. 

Please follow the show on twitter at https://twitter.com/TMVPodcast

and be sure to check out the podcast website http://www.themainvainpodcast.com

If you would like to email me, feel free to email at [email protected]/* */

Episodes may be found, downloaded, and subscribed to at the podcast website or at iTunes and Stitcher.

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