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About Tamera Mickelson

I'm changing the entire nature of my Patreon account because I think I have a better idea now of what is the best use of this forum and what people wanting to support me will want to know and see.

Once upon a time I worked my way into a Software Testing/Business Analyst position with some workshops, hard work, belief in myself and no degree. Then the bottom dropped out of those jobs in the tech industry and since I can't seem to write code to save my life, I had to figure out what to do next. I decided this was the Universe telling me it was time to get serious about my art. The thing about the Universe is that it has a quirky sense of humor - because being a single jewelry artist supporting myself is the most difficult thing I have done in my life. When people say "you're so lucky! You get to do what you love!" my response is that you really have to love it because you will never work so much and so hard for so little! Of course there are benefits to being your own boss but it's extremely difficult to successfully run a small business in the country - particularly one that is based on hand made original art jewelry pieces. I am fortunate in the supportive friends I have!

I had something happen on 10/22/18 that finally got me to come here and re-start my account in a way that is more in line with the original intent of this site and less like a weird on-going kick-starter account. I went out to go do my lab monitor shift Monday morning and discovered that all of my jewelry stock had been stolen out of my car. I had meant to unload it before then but then got busy with something and forgot. I made a mistake and had the worst possible result happen. I was supposed to have a show starting on that Friday but then it got canceled - which is probably for the best for me because, really, I need to focus on rebuilding my stock. It's been a hard month. The only other show I had ended up being a disaster in which I had just over 1/4 of my table fee in sales. It's not all bad news, though. Thanks to the magic of social media and the kindness of an awesome stranger, about 1/4 of my stock was recovered from someone he saw selling it on the street downtown. It appears my stuff was divided up and and sold to people down on their luck to resell. I'd been thinking about how to restart my Patreon and this was the catalyst to get me started on actually doing it.

Part of my issue with Patreon was that the mobile app was hard to update on and so I wouldn't update regularly (I am constantly on the go and need to be able to update on my phone when needed). This has been improved so hopefully I will do better this time. My intention is to use this to give you an insider view of what it's like to "live the dream" as a working artist in all it's good, bad, indifferent, and sometime ugly glory. My goal is to do weekly posts about what I've been up to. I will have another tier for more frequent nitty gritty types of posts and, eventually, I aim to do some exclusive video of my process for my top tier posts. Until I get get something like a Go Pro on a head strap (I need my hands free to work) I will likely have to settle for some video at events. 

So, that's it. That's my re-imagining of my Patreon account. Hopefully this will be better and more interesting for those already involved and entice more people to support me in my efforts!
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The cost of living in Seattle is pretty high and I'm fortunate in the place I have to live and the long suffering roommates I live with. I have cut my personal bills down as much as possible but I need some help to make my ends meet while I build my business.  My first major goal is to have $600 a month come in through my Patreon account so that I am able to invest more of my business earnings back into the business, pay down my credit card, and start putting more money into my business savings account to save up for future materials and equipment purchases.
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