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About Take Nothing When I Die

Welcome to my Patreon Page! 

I'm Stephanie and I can't take anything with me when I die, so I'm using this channel to give YOU everything I've got and encourage you to think of yourself as a living ancestor

At a luncheon, I heard an elder say that their work was to plant a seed for a tree whose shade they knew they would not enjoy. This channel and its contents are my seeds - I know you will enjoy the benefits of whatever is being planted. 

Why me, specifically
They say you're the average of the five people you spend the most time with...what if you could up your average just by watching/subscribing to my channel?

Hear me out; by subscribing, you are getting wisdom from:

-someone who was born and learned in the Midwest, adulted on the East Coast, discovered on the West Coast and is planting roots in the South, with traveling experiences all over the Caribbean, South and Central America

-an ex-teacher, recovering lawyer, former matchmaker, retired self-help junkie, best-selling author, resident life coach, speaker, racial justice facilitator, DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) organizational development consultant, executive coach and a serious flag football leaguer

-someone who, if she hasn't been through it herself, she's friends with/related to or has coached/mentored someone who has been through it. read the books, did the programs, attended the conferences, made the mistakes, and got the t-shirt to prove it

Another reason to support 
I believe this planet needs radical transformation and healing. In my corner of the world, those most impacted by oppression are black women. So we'll know we're making a difference when all black women can embody being free, whole, and enough. When black women are free, we can be all free. 

That's why my current work focuses on:

  • individual/life coaching: when we transform what we believe to be true about ourselves and others, we treat ourselves and others differently
  • community workshops: we need thriving communities to support changed individuals and hold them accountable
  • institutional consulting: companies and systems have to shift their cultures and policies (IDENTITY) to reflect new norms of engagement and empowered people who can fully enter into and lead these organizations
When you subscribe, you are contributing to that transformational work and will have access to many of the concepts, frameworks, coaching, personal reflections, case studies, and resources that inform and stem from this work. 

You are also contributing to the TNWID Podcast and forthcoming TNWID book series!

All contributions are highly appreciated. Thank you for supporting my labor and work.

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When I reach 50 subscribers, I will release the first book in the TNWID series!
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