TOP's Fools are creating Campaigns and Giveaways

You are amazing!

$1 /mo
  • Access to patron-only content.
  • Sneak peek photos of upcoming releases.
  • Patron-only polls.

T.O.P Fan!

$5 /mo
  • High-quality downloads (.jpg, .mp3 .mp4)
  • Process/behind-the-scenes of upcoming Bigbang campaigns.
  • Video of your name (Twitter handle or a nickname) on a video on this site.
  • Plus all previous rewards

A T.O.P's Fool!

$10 /mo
  • Monthly patron-only videos about BIGBANG.
  • Your vote for the next campaign will be more effective.
  • Share your ideas here, for patron-only forum page.
  • Plus all previous rewards

The Foolest of them all!

$20 /mo
  • Early downloads of all upcoming releases.
  • Exclusive present, sent straight to your home.
  • Plus all previous rewards.


$50 /mo
  • A thank you letter/card straight to your home.
  • Special gift via mail every few months!
  • Plus all previous rewards.