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These Last Two Dollars

$2 / month

For the folks that really just want to keep this thing rolling, and they are kicking in "These Last Two Dollars"  to keep the party going! Last Two Dollar contributors will receive an on-air monthly thank you for their contribution. 


I Got Five On It!

$5 / month

The Luniz once said they had five on it to get a bag of kush, this five dollars you give will not only get you an on the air thank you monthly, but also your choice of coffee mug from the TSRPN store!


Limited (50 of 50 remaining)

$10 / month

Official like a whistle, Sponsors are for those that can spare just a little bit more. And because of that generosity, Sponsors will get not just an on-air monthly thank you shout out on the show, but one free choice of t-shirt from the TSRPN store! But not only that, every item in the TSRPN store is sold to Sponsors at 20% off after their first contribution, and while those contributions continue.




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