Dennis Spielman is creating The Show Starts Now Studios

The Helper Club

$1 /mo
You got our thanks for allowing The Show Starts Now Studios to continue producing great content!
  • A chance to preview projects and provide feedback
  • Ea...

2x Gratitude Club

$2 /mo
Just two times the help, with only one dollar more! 

  • Read work-in-progess stories and provide feedback

The Video Club

$3 /mo
Includes all of the above rewards! Plus:

  • Behind-the-scenes pics & videos
  • Library of Selected Uncut Interviews

The Vault Club

$5 /mo
Hush. Secrets are here. I can say it will include all of the above rewards and access to The Vaul...

The Minutes Club

$10 /mo
All of the above rewards and I'll host a monthly Q&A where I'll answer my patrons' questions on a video! If we're doing a ticketed event, we'll share the tickets here first. 



The Superstar Supporter Club

$25 /mo
The Top 10 Superstar Supporters* will get their name listed in the credits as “Superstar Supporters” for the weekly episodic Uncovering Oklahoma videos, the Yes! Science! episodic videos, the Quart...