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About Tabitha Lyons

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Welcome Team Tabby!

First up! You do not have to become a Patreon!! This is a place where you can receive exclusive content if you wish to support me as an artist, and help me evolve into my final form! I will not stop creating content for my other social media platforms, which you can find here: 

Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   Twitch  YouTube


What content do I see on Patreon? Each tier has different rewards depending on how much you pledge. Please read the descriptions before signing up. If you have any questions about my Patreon feel free to email me.

Is the content on Patreon exclusive? YES! Pretty much everything you see on Patreon is exclusive! From BTS videos, Patreon only photos, and prints that will not be available on my Etsy store. You will also see content first before it goes live to the rest of the world!
*some images may be used to promote*

Nudes? There will be no nudes... However ALL THE LEWDS! Yes we get damn sexy in here with implied and pasties! Letting you know now so you don't get disappointed.

How much do I have to pledge? That is completely up to you! You do not sign a contract! pledges start from $1 and you can change every month to suit you! 

When do I receive my rewards? Digital rewards are posted up throughout the month. Physical rewards are shipped out the following month of the content's release. For example if you sign up in May, May's rewards will be sent out in June.  (usually within the first two weeks)

Can I receive rewards from Previous months? Not at this time. You only receive rewards for the month you pledge. However every month I will throw in an old digital set ^-^ 

Do you have a Wish List? I do, If you wish to send me something you can check it out here.

What do I do now I'm a Patreon? ENJOY THE RIDE! You can like every single post and talk to Team Tabby in the Patreon Discord or just lurk in the background! The experience is completely up to you! Make it as personal as you wish <3

** As Patreon is exclusive content please do not share or distribute anything from this platform. Anyone found doing so will be permanently banned from all of my social media**

253 of 300 patrons
When we hit 300 Patreons what better way to celebrate than to create and design my own Spartan Cosplay!

This is something I have always wanted to do, I love creating my own characters and bringing them to life!
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