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Look, we know ads suck. We’re sorry that we have them at all. But guess what? All our patrons get the show completely ad-free! You’re contributing to us directly, so no one’s going to try to sell you a mattress or socks or an e-commerce site. Not on our show, anyway. We may still include one promo to some other content you may enjoy. These are friends making great content—no one pays us to run these, we just like spreading the word!

Not only will these episodes be Ad Free, but you'll get them 4 days early, on Friday of the previous week, while everyone else is waiting until the following Tuesday! You can torment all your enemies with Table Reads Spoilers!

Additionally, you get to help us decide what script to do next! When we near completion of a script, we’ll send out a survey with some options for the next Table Read and our patrons get to decide which one we do. The timing on this will vary, as some scripts cover more episodes than others.

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In addition to the First Draft benefits, you'll be able to tune in to our Live Stream, as we record episodes. 

We usually record two episodes in a single night, once a week as scheduling allows. The unlisted link for the livestream will be sent to our Second Draft and above level patrons with an estimated schedule ahead of time. The stream will be watchable for one week (or until we record next) for any patrons not able to join live. 

The stream will also include an interactive pre-show chat and post-show chat as time permits.

These videos will eventually be publicly posted, but you get them live and early... We're currently recording about 2 months out, so you're looking at VERY early access to our episodes through the livestream!

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in addition to the First Draft and Second Draft benefits, you'll receive an Executive Producer Credit on every episode produced while you're on this tier. Your credit will go in the show notes for the episode and appear on every platform.

About Table Reads

Everyone knows that for every good movie that gets made, there are 20 horrible piles of dreck cranked out and shoved in your face. But what about the scripts that even Hollywood thinks aren’t worth filming? 
Table Reads is the only podcast dedicated to bringing THOSE scripts to life, with full readings of screenplays (with our added commentary) so that you can experience what those Hollywood fat cats have tried to deny you!

Shawn, Kelly, Josh and Jeff read you scripts that are usually pretty bad, but make even the worst of them fun along the way! 

By becoming a patron and helping to cover the expenses incurred in creating this quality content, you’ll let us know that someone loves (or possibly hates) us enough to make us keep subjecting ourselves to these horrible scripts! Either way, we appreciate it!

We appreciate every patron, and every listener! If there’s a benefit not listed here that you’d like added, let us know! We’re always open to ideas!

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