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Roll Initiative

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reward item
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This tier helps to cover the costs of basic maintenance services and is mostly here to mean your support towards the app's presence on play store.
  • Get an ad-removal code right away
  • Get a vote on which monster tokens to add next
  • Special feedback attention

Token Colaborator

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reward item
per month
This tier can gradually help me raise funds to hire artists to draw more monsters tokens that will be usable into the app.
  • Everything from tier 1
  • Get codes to unlock new upcoming packs

Legendary System Colaborator

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reward item
per month
You will be helping to bring bigger updates to the app, such as new system functionalities. You also will have the a high chance of getting your own character inserted into the app.
  • Everything from tier 2
  • Your own hero token may be drawn & added
  • Access to the tokens from packs funded by patreon, so you can load them on any app you want




per month

About TabletopRpgGridMaps

This Patreon was made to support updates to this app: TabletopRPGgridMaps
Please download the app if you haven't already !

When becoming one of my Patreon's, you will be helping me to update the app in many forms,  by covering software maintenance, the addition of new expansion 'Monster Packs' and 'Hero Packs' or a big system update that demands a lot of effort and hard work, such as 'fog of war', 'saving system','inteligent search box', 'grid resize', 'day and night cycle', etc.
All depends on how successfully the Patreon can help those upgrades.

In any way, if you use and like the app, you will be helping it to move foward and become more complete for you and for other tabletop RPG players.

- This app is meant to substitute paper grid maps, so it was designed to work on TABLETS and SMART TVS, since they have wider surface areas. However, the app also works on any android device with a scrolling system.

- This app doesn't contain any info about RPG systems such as d&d (Dungeons and Dragons) or Pathfinder. It only contains regular exclusive commonly used tokens for RPG fantasy monsters and a few regular commonly used maps.

- This app was made for IN PERSON (presential) rpg sessions, since it works offline and isn't intended to work with internet. All players should move tokens on the same screen.

- If you want, you can use your own physical miniatures as the tokens and use this app on your android device mirroring it to your smart tv using 'google chromecast' to just load the maps on a monitor (not needing a PC on that monitor).
5 of 10 patrons
New maps will be added, more complex maps will replace the current maps in the app. The new maps will be gridless to match the virtual grid and with more adventure possibilities.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 14 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 14 exclusive posts

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