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Everything from the 1 pledge PLUS:

Guaranteed spots in TTB Tournaments and Events (note: First come, first serve. Also, some spots might be reserved for higher pledges)

Access to special deals and custom products like Tshirts, Dice, Dicebags etc - when we decide to take new orders.

(Exclusive shit is hard to come by :))

2nd Lieutenant

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UPDATE as of Jan. 17th 2017

Tabletopbattle is now a registered retailer of Games-Workshop products! There will of course be a discount on their products (not webstore exclusives). The discount will be available from the 10USD pledge and has to be purchased from

UPDATE as of July. 11th 2018
Have a great sunmer everybody, and especially our amazing Patrons!
Read below for some changes to the pledge levels!

All levels have been modified, and we have selected the 10USD pledge as the new "Sweet Spot" - You will now find ALL discounts there

Thanks to our AWESOME Patrons, Tabletopbattle has rented a large venue in down town Moss. This will be our TTB Bunker and HQ, as well as having 13 normal sized gaming tables so that we can hold demo games and enlarge the gaming community where we live. We will also be filming our battle reports here, as my basement has become way too small. In addition, all future TTB tournaments will be held here - so THANK YOU :D
And i hope that this ensures everybody that all the money we get goes towards making more and better battle reports, as well as helping create awarness for this fantastic hobby!

We at love to play wargames, and we also love to teach new players so that more people can join this social and fantastic hobby.
As such, we have invested heavily in miniatures, terrain, gaming mats, camera, editing software, our webpage and of course our spare time.
While we gladly do this with our own money it would be very helpful to receive some support from fellow gamers if you enjoy our videos.
Rest assured that all pledges are going towards more and better models, scenery and equipment as we constantly add to the TTB horde!

Tabletopbattle will always be free but there is more and exclusive content for our patrons, as well as early access to all our general release videos and huge discounts when ordering accessories from businesses we promote!
Remember, you can pledge as little or as much as you want, the pledges below are just suggestions. If you'd like to pledge something in between or even more that is no problem, just enter the amount in the pledge box. We will get in touch with you to decide what level of reward you will receive :)
$222.70 of $1,500 per month
Hitting this mark will allow us to set aside some money for purchasing a brand new High End camera and wireless mics.
Our current camera is 8 years old (but very good!) and lack many of the functionalities that would make our lives easier, and the videos FAR BETTER in terms of SOUND and PICTURE quality!

Our current income goes to cover the rent and electricity for the venue we film in (TTB BUNKER), and occational expenses like special scenery (190 GBP for an amazing Reichstag building you will see when the Russians assault Berlin in 1945!) or specific models, etc.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 47 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 47 exclusive posts

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